You are Unique and So is Your Business

The Vintage Gypsy Community is continually growing and we want to help you grow and prosper

The gifts that you are offering to the world are sacred. ⠀

The Vintage Gypsy community understands this. We are here to support you, we want to see you succeed and prosper. Let us help you Grow your tribe.....⠀

We can offer you a unique advertising experience, at an investment considerably less than other advertising options out there, but with all the benefits and more. 

The Vintage Gypsy Magazine is not just a magazine….⠀

We are an ever growing and evolving community of like-minded women who support and promote each other. We believe in inspiring and empowering each other and creating positive change in our communities. 

It's time my Sweet Soul Sister to become more visible with your voice, your beauty, and your power. It's time to step into the light and share your unique gifts. To be seen and heard. It's time to build your tribe......⠀

You are unique in every sense of the word and I want to support you in cultivating your truth, finding your confidence and giving a unique voice to your business. ⠀

Let's connect, and chat about how I can help...⠀

People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic

-Seth Godin

The Facts

Vintage Gypsy is a digital Indie Magazine 


The Vintage Gypsy Magazine is available worldwide via ISSUU and we are growing our audience every day

Digital representation of the Magazine is available for free on our social media platforms at every release. January, April, July & October 

Across our Social Media Platforms, Vintage Gypsy sees over 30,000 unique viewers on a Monthly basis

Advertising with Vintage Gypsy is substantially Lower in cost than other Advertising options, and we continually strive to make advertising more affordable and accessible to small business owners.


It’s a known fact that magazines are still a great way to advertise your business. People Read magazines; in offices, car dealerships, hair salons, coffee shops, at the gym, waiting in line at the grocery store.


The Vintage Gypsy Magazine reader understands the importance of Community. They are committed to their Friends, Families and their Careers. They want good quality products for their dollar. They want to feel beautiful and cared for. They want to be inspired.

Let the Vintage Gypsy community support you and help you rise to be the goddess you were meant to be.

The Details

All of our Advertising price points are substantially lower than other advertising options; we are here to help you rise and prosper. 


Subscription Pricing

1/4 page ad $99.00 per year

1/2 page as $149.99 per year

Full Page is $249.99 per year

You can change up your ad as often as you wish

Commiting in this way and to your own social media advertising is a sure path to successful advertising as it is known that on the average people build trust by consistency.  Your consumer wants to see you numerous times and in many places and platforms. They want to see you often and consistently. 


The Possibilities are Endless

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We would love to post an excerpt from your book within a feature article if you’re open to sharing the story behind your masterpiece

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We would love to help you promote your music if you’re open to sharing the story behind it

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We can post your workshop or event on all of our social media platforms and within our newsletter

The most powerful element in advertising.....IS THE TRUTH

-Bill Bernbach